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Hall Street Farmers Market

Yesterday I made the suggestion on the Dennis Economic Developmnt Blog that we consider closing a portion of Hall Street one afternoon a week to host a Farmers Market.  For those of you unfamiliar with the issue, the Dennisport Revitalization Committee and the Dennisport Business Association have been trying to bring a Farmers Market to the village.  Ideas ranging from Mike Stacey Park to the Catholic Church Parking Lot Have been considered.  However, each has its drawbacks. Mike Stacey Park has generally been a favored location.  However, the grassy areas of the park become inaccessible to children looking to play during those hours of operation.

Locating a Farmers Market on Hall Street itself would alleviate this issue.  It could also be tied in to other park activities, drawing many new visitors to the Village.

What do you think?


Help Improve Dennis Port in 5 Minutes or Less

How to help improve Dennis Port in 5 minutes or less…..Take the Village Green & Mike Stacy Playground Survey!

The Dennis Port Revitalization Committee is exploring improvements to the Dennis Port Village Green and Mike Stacy Playground to make it safer and encourage people to use the park more frequently. Please take a couple of minutes to complete the on-line Dennis Port Park Survey at and tell us what would bring you to the park. Thank you!


Letters of Support Needed

LETTERS OF SUPPORT URGENTLY NEEDED  especially from land owners, business owners and residents of Dennisport.  By Monday January 5, 2009.

The Dennisport Revitalization Committee would like you to write a letter to the Barnstable County Economic Development Committee in support of a grant that they are requesting to help defray the cost of the coming charrette.  Points to be covered in the letter include:

  • What is your current role in the community? (business owner, resident, etc)
  • Your concerns about the present condition of the village of Dennisport that negatively impact your situation or business.
  • Your hopes for the future positive outcomes for your business/situation because of the Dennisport Revitalization Committee Charrette.
  • Your hopes for future positive outcomes for the town of Dennis due to the charrette.

The letters should be addressed to:

Barnstable County Commissioners

Barnstable Superior Courthouse

P.O. Box 427

Barnstable MA 02630

ATTN:  Elaine Davis, Economic Development Grant Program

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us conduct a successful charrette.

The Dennisport Revitalization Committee

email to:   capesolar(at)


The Dennisport Revitalization Committee has a goal for this year and it is vital to the economic health of the entire Town of Dennis.   We are planning a Charrette in the Spring of 2009.  A charrette is a professionally organized planning event that uses the talents and specific knowledge of multiple professionals trained to base their results on the ideas and desires of the community.  It will be a collaborative process among business owners, officials from the town region and state, residents (stakeholders), together with experts in architecture, planning, wastewater treatment, housing, transportation, and environmental sustainability.  This public participation event will be held at a local venue and moderated by an experienced charrette professional.  Public input will include discussions, debates, graphic visions, and finally, solutions.  The result will be a sustainable and practical plan of revitalization that all parties have agreed to implement.

How can you help in this effort?  We currently need volunteers during this charrette organizational phase to work in sub-committees for area studies, meeting planning, and organization.  We need your members to work on the sub-committee that is within the sphere of your expertise and interest.  Please submit the name(s) to Hank Bowen (tel. 508-385-1934) or Tom Huettner (tel. 508-394-7974) or e-mail us at  We have scheduled a series of workshop meetings to learn from you what issues should be addressed during the charrette.  These will be held at 6p.m. at the Dennis Public Library in Dennisport on the following dates:

 November 21st – Historical Heritage, Transportation, and Public Safety

December 5th – Economic Development, Social Services, Housing, Arts &  Culture

December 19th – Land Use, Wastewater, Alternative Energy

 Your cooperation and interest is much appreciated.  Dennisport will blossom with a successful charrette. 

 The Dennisport Revitalization Committee:

 Hank Bowen   co-chair           Tom Huettner   co-chair

Carlyn Carey                           Bob Juliano

Alex Kennedy                         Linda Orlando