All Things Dennis Port

Dennis and Dennis Port have often been in the forefront for pursuing new ideas. It is part of the reason our rezoning efforts drew statewide attention a few years ago. However, we can never stop learning by watching what others are doing. An issue of empty, run-down storefronts has arisen in Dennis Port Village Center. It is small in comparison to all the new investment that has occurred, but the building fronts onto the Town Parking Lot, making it all the more visible. Perhaps this idea from the Town of Montague, Village of Turners Falls could help spruce up this building while the owner moves through the permitting process to instill new life in the structure.

Avenue A Storefront Galleries covers empty storefronts in Turners Falls

As you read the article, you learn that, while tenants are being sought for vacant storefronts, the window space is being used to dress up the buildings. Dennis has many talented people who could use a little exposure. High school student art projects, especially by those moving on to college as art majors. Local amateur photographers just looking for a place to display their photos. Ultimately, these displays will make potential business owners stop, look at the building, see the commitment of the building owner to the village, and dream of what could be.

Dennis Port Village Center has come a long way, this building is one of the few remaining with available space. Let’s dress it up while new tenants are recruited to our vibrant village.


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