All Things Dennis Port

The Cape Cod Commission just released fRED, the Flexible Regional Economic Development Model. The model can be many things, it provides a series of items that are positives for development, but also provides a list of items that could be used to block development. At the Commission conference where fRED was introduced, the issue of flexibility was stressed. It’s time to give it a whirl.

Specifically, I am bringing the Town of Dennis  Chapter H submittal for Dennis Port Village Center back to the table.  This was a formal submittal by the Dennis Board of Selectmen. Ultimately it stumbled as the Commission staff took the position that it could not support a threshold increase in significant portions of the Village Center due to its partial location in the Swan River and Herring River watersheds. In the end, there was only a small portion of the originally requested area that remained eligible for the requested relief, that being a strip along Route 28. This strip looked more like promoting strip development than the compact village center the town envisioned.

I will be re-engaging the Commission on this issue for the entire village center originally requested by the Town, not the pared down strip we were left with. 

Will the fRED decision making tool aid this request in any way?

Or, are we going to continue to be tied down to the use of a single factor, nitrogen loading, to stymie this proposal?

Stay tuned.


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