All Things Dennis Port

From the New Haven Independent:

New Haven’s “All-Access Pass” Debuts

Imagine what this could mean for Dennis Port! A Dennis Port Shoppers Card good to be used at all village businesses. Promote a gift card that keeps spending in the village. I am not sure what the $3.95 purchase price covers, but perhaps it could help fund a Business Improvement District entity and methods for promoting the village!


Comments on: "Imagine the Dennis Port Shopper’s Card" (2)

  1. How about promoting Wayfinding signs so Hydrangea House can stay alive?

    Bob V 207-752-4440


  2. Daniel Fortier said:

    Bob, the Wayfinding Sign proposal for Dennisport fell apart due to there being too much signage at the key locations. Take the Hydrangea House, they are already on the ladderboard on the intersection closest to them on Route 28. Them and about 20 other businesses. Without removing some of this sign clutter, a Wayfinding Sign program will only add to the over-saturation of information.

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