All Things Dennis Port

Quite an interesting read. Back when I first arrived in Dennis, only a few years removed from being a transportation planner, I was presented with a downtown improvement plan for Main Street, Dennis Port. The plan called for eliminating on-street parking to widen sidewalks and traffic lanes. I explained to the, then, members of the Dennis Port Revitalization Committee why that was the wrong plan. I explained that on-street parking slowed vehicle traffic, allowing people to see the downtown businesses.  If people could see the village shops, they would eventually stop. Several years later this same philosophy was preached by the crafters of the Dennis Port Design Charrette.

As you read this article from the NY Times, you could replace Hamburg with Dennis Port in many parts of the story.


Comments on: "Widen Main St.? Community Had Other Ideas, and Thrived –" (3)

  1. Dan, Driving thru downtown Dennisport it’s difficult to see the store fronts thru the tree branches. It might be wise to cut off the lower limbs to increase visibility and stop people from getting poked by the limbs. Marsha

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  2. Don Robitaille said:

    Excellent comparison. I totally agree.

  3. Daniel Fortier said:

    It might be worthwhile to bring this issue to the Revitalization Committee and get them involved. Pruning needs to be approached carefully to preserve the scenic quality.

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