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I just posted on the Dennis Planning Department Blog a proposal to provide for the Village Wayfinding Signs, but just for the Village of Dennisport.  I am looking for your feedback on this proposal.  I am hoping to bring this to the Economic Development Committee in the coming weeks and to see if they want to ask the Selectmen to place this on the Fall Town Meeting Warrant.


Comments on: "Wayfinding Signs For Dennisport – Part 2" (1)

  1. Robert Vozzella said:

    I would like to express my support concerning the use of Way finding signs in Dennisport (and the town of Dennis). I retired from work about 3 yrs ago and moved to Dennisport. I have spent many a summer on the Cape from the 1950’s till now. Over the years I have seen the influx that occurs in the summer and the confusion that exists when a person tries to read the black and white ladders signs that are around town( Some with 20 listings on them and multiple arrows directions). As an engineer I realize the avg person is lucky to get a 2-4 second look if they are at a stop sign , less if traveling on a road without lights of stops.
    I have also seen businesses that are not on the main street suffer and some go out of business due to lack of traffic or customers.

    The proposal for Way Finding signs is a welcome relief. This would call for a minimum number of signs/post – a nice town logo and color, and a clear direction to go. The requirement that calls for the location/business to be within a set distance from the intersection would limit the clutter on the sign. I know businesses off the main route(ie Rt 28 In Downtown Dennisport area) are hurt by not having the opportunity to be found. I have seen days where downtown is crowded, yet 500 yds away a business is starving for the public.

    I do realize that businesses further away from downtown would still need some signage at certain intersections- it may be necessary to transition the ladder signs to those streets with less downtown businesses off them. Possibly make hotels/beach one color and resturants another, etc.

    I used to own and run a “Bed and Breakfast” that was off the main route in Boothbay, Maine and know how necessary it is to be found in the summer- especially when your business season is very short. I had some very weak summer traffic to our business till signs were used. I was struggling just like those off the downtown area are today. I see people investing in their businesses near downtown and improving the area for all- I just hope they survive.

    The Town of Dennisport is looking really good in the last few years that I have been here and it needs to grow as a village – that includes all businesses you have within the belt of downtown. This Sign ordinance would be one of those steps and I think it would make the town a better place for tourists/business people to enjoy its assets.
    Bob Vozzella

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