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We will meet on Thursday June 3rd at the West Dennis Graded School House at 9 am. At this meeting I will provide an overview of the land use history for the area and address how we got to where we are. I will also review the existing zoning code for the area. From there, we will move into a discussion of where we want to go, how we get there and what zoning can and cannot accomplish. I will bring copies of the “campground zoning” that has been pulled together to date and which is available here for your review.


Comments on: "June 3rd Cottage And RV Zoning Meeting" (2)

  1. Mary Quillen said:

    We live at Salt Air Village and was told there would be a meeting to discuss condos? Got that in a letter form but found out about the meeeting accidentally. Not very convenient for out of towners. I thought our opinion mattered?

  2. Daniel Fortier said:


    The condo discussion is strictly between you and your landowner and has nothing to do with the town. This meeting regarding zoning was announced at the Economic Development Committee last November when nearly 100 of your neighbors were present. I have also offered to come to meetings at each property as people return for the summer. Ultimately, all the interested parties will need to identify key people to be their liaisons to the process. It will be impossible to schedule meetings where all the cottage and RV owners who come here can be present at one time.

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