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For the Dennisport A&P building the future is now! On July 20, 2009 Prima I LLC, the property owners of the A&P building will ask the Dennis Planning Board for permission to make exterior and landscaping changes to the site.  While we do not know who the tenants will be, the property owner is close to signing a lease with a national retailer.  The following images illustrate the existing building and the proposed changes.






Comments on: "The Future For An Old Dennisport Building – A&P Building To Be Updated" (2)

  1. Paul Scorza said:

    I am glad to see the old A&P is finally going to be updated and reused, the plans look great! I remember riding my bike there to pick up groceries when I was younger.

    However, I heard that a potential tenant is some kind of dollar store, which does not excite me. Dennisport center needs a grocer (among other things) in order to attract customers from other parts of Dennis and nearby Harwich. I would love to see a single tenant open at the old A&P like Trader Joe’s. I would also love to see more options for dining/eating/drinking. A Panera would attract a lot of business as would a DPM or Dennisport Public Market. Super Stop and Shop is our only option (Although a great one). Be bold, think big! Dennisport center has all the ingrediants of Chatham’s Main street in terms of a quaint walkable district. All it needs is some TLC and more options, also a place like Squier would be nice too.

    Feel free to reply

  2. Daniel Fortier said:

    Rumors run amok on the future tenants for the former A & P building. We have not been told who the tenant will be. The tenant is seeking privacy until such time as they sign the lease. The tenant does not want their name released, and then, if everything does not fall into place, look bad if they back out. Perfectly understandable. The owners have sought out a number of tenants from small scale grocers such as the DPM for tenancy to larger chain restaurants. A small grocer would be ideal for Dennisport, right now the Natural Foods Store provides an option for some local groceries. Hopefully this new investment in Dennisport will attract more investors.

    Dan Fortier

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